Do you allow Ceremony only or Reception Only?
Yes, we do allow ceremony only or Reception only event. We have separate pricing for 1) Ceremony and 2) Reception.

I do not need all the items listed in the packages. can I get a discount?
We are sorry, no discount is offered should you not use any of the items provided within any package.

What time can we move into venue to setup?
We allow setup 1 hour prior to your event start time with no charge. In addition you also get one hour tear down with no charge after your event.

How much parking is available?
We have about 200 parking spaces on site for your use at no charge.

How much is parking for attendee?
We do not charge for parking.

What colors are available?
We have more than 40+ colors and we are continuing to expand our inventory. If we don’t already have your color, we will add it to our inventory.

Do you have any cocktail tables available?
We have cocktail tables available for the use of your guest as well as gift table, cake table, candy booth, and sign in. We do not charge for any of these additional tables.

Do you have an in house DJ?
Yes, we do have an in-house DJ that is available to use for $650. Or you may bring in your own. All DJ’s do not have the bring in their speaker system as our ballroom has surround speakers included, easy to connect to. If you choose not to have a DJ, you can connect your Ipod to our stereo system. We also have wireless mic for your use.

Do we have to bring our own Bartender?
We are a BYOB facility that requires you to use our in-house bartender at $25/hr.

Do you offer Catering?
We offer catering starting at $10/pp. Our caterer is a preferred vendor. We do not have an in-house cooking kitchen. Yes, you can bring your own caterer.

Is it okay to use our own DJ, if so what are requirements?

If you bring your own DJ, he/she will have to setup at the designated area Jupiter Gardens requires. If she/he brings his own cords to connect he/she is responsible for getting what they brought in at the end of event. If they use our cords he/she is responsible for returning them at the end of the night. If Jupiter Gardens equipment is stolen or damaged, we will take it out of the Security Deposit and the client will be responsible.

Is it okay to use our own Bartender, if so what are requirements?
No, if you are serving alcohol you are required to use our in-house bartender.

Is it okay to use our own caterer, if so what are requirements?
The contract states Jupiter Gardens Event Center does not permit any food items to be brought into the banquet rooms without catering license, what if our caterer is not licensed? If your caterer is not licensed, you will have sign that you are responsible and liable for any problems associated with servering the food. You are required to have a uniformed staff on the floor to stay the whole event, buss the tables and take out the trash. This service will be provided by Jupiter Gardens and charged to you, NO exceptions.

Is there a screen to show pictures during the event?
There is a HD Projection screen include in the Ballroom. We can play your slide show on a CD or Flash Drive. This is due the day of rehearsal or Finalization meeting so that we can make sure the format works properly prior to event.

We have 300 guest, can your venue accommodate?

Our outdoor ceremony garden seats up to 150. This limitation is?self imposed to for intimate experiece in our garden. Our ballroom seats up to 280 guests and allows for 20 service staff because we are restricted to 300 maximum occupancy by the City of Dallas Fire Marshal. We do not violate this policy for any reason.

How much is deposit?
The deposit for the Ballroom is $700. It goes toward the balance of your event and is non-refundable.

What else comes with the venue price?
Our facility rental includes table and chairs plus tablecloth in black or white. With our most basic package you will receive; tables, chairs, tablecloths, overlays in any color, head table with backdrop on platform, centerpieces, chargers and linen napkins. You will also receive up-lighting in any color, built-in dance floor lighting system, sound system and HD projector as well as a VIP room inside the Ballroom.

What is the Service Charge?
The Service Charge is 15% for groups under 160. The service charge for Groups more than 160 is 20%.

What is the event time frame?
Each event is 4 hours long. You will have one hour before for setup time and one hour after event for tear down time. If you event is a ceremony and wedding reception you will access to the bridal/groom suites 2 hours prior. Additional setup time may be allowed if prior events are not going on and if your room is fully set up by Jupiter Gardens and ready to go. Additional event hours are available for $400/hr.

We need additional event hours?
Additional event hours are available for $400/hr. This option may not be available for daytime events. You may stay as late as you want but it has to be pre-arranged.

Do we get a rehearsal? – Rehearsals are to be Tuesday through Thursday during office hours 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. You will be allowed only one rehearsal and for one hour. We are not responsible for coordinating your rehearsal unless you booked our wedding coordination services. Rehearsal on Friday may be allowed if we have no conflicting events. Please note that we want to be most accommodating but do frequently have events on Friday.

When do we get to pick our decoration and colors?
6-8 weeks before your wedding. It is important that whoever is making the decor decisions is present at this finalization meeting.

Do you allowed outside decorations?
You may bring in already prepared centerpieces only.

Is use of fireworks prohibited? – You will be able to use sparklers for the sendoff, outside only and as long as they are disposed properly after, and not left on the ground outside. You must comply with all of the City of Dallas permit requirements.

Do you provide security?

We have licensed security guards patrol the building inside and out. We always charge norminal fees to cover Security for all evening events with more than 80 persons, weather you serve alcohol or not during your event. Security is provide by Jupiter Gardens, No exceptions.

What is the Security Deposit?
You are required to submit a security deposit 10 days prior to your event. $500 for alcohol events, $300 for non-alcohol events. This is not the same deposit you put down when you book. That deposit goes toward your balance. This is a refundable amount when there is no damage. Please note that any damages determined by Management will be charged at actual repair or replacement costs. A pre- and post-event walk through with Management can be requested to determine the condition of the facility. If no damages occur, your check will be returned. Jupiter Gardens has the right to put your event on hold if you do not submit your security deposit.